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1969 Blown Hemi Road Runner

After long anticipation, the blown hemi was fired up for the first time on June 24th.   The engine started and ran extremely well.  Since the initial startup, the car has been equipped with a full 3 inch exhaust and the tuning process has begun.


Our in house built Blown hemi is equipped with an 8-71 supercharger from BDS.  Internals include Arias, Eagle, Ferrea, Crowler, Keith Black, and many others.  The complete package is sealed up with copper head gaskets to produce a static compression ratio of 6.9:1.  However, that quickly changes with the aid of 16 pounds of boost on premium pump gas and an estimated output of 1,000+ horsepower!  The engine transfers that power to an in house built 727 Torqueflite with a Gear Vendors over/under drive.


Check back for the completion of the build, on road driving videos, and a full story on the car and the scores of parts it has been equipped with.

Blown Hemi Road Runner - First Startup (Windows Media)

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